A unique concept ‘’ SLIDERS AND SHAKES’’.

A slider is an American term for a small hamburger made with soft bun. Many believe that the first Slider was made back in 1921 when the hamburger chain ‘White Castle’ opened.
We are the first Slider restaurant in Sweden. The idea of opening a Slider place was rolling in our heads for a long time, and after long research and hard sweaty hours in one of our friends restaurant back in 2016-17 leads to Slider's birth. On the 9th of January 2018 Sliders and Shakes opened at Malmö central station.

It's perfect to combine two or three different Sliders in the same meal with side orders and drinks. Why choose one if you can have both Beef, Chicken, Duck, Fish or different Vegetarian options in one sitting!

Every Slider has a different unique taste and ingredients to keep you amazed with a bunch of flavours. We tried to offer flavours from different continents starting from Chimichurri sauce with grilled chicken from Argentina, Classic French tartar sauce with Cod fish, Texas style bbq sauce with triple cheese slider, Mediterranean Tahini sauce for Go vego slider, Lebanese smoky Babaganush with beetroot Slider and Chilli hoisin sauce with duck confit with Asian flavour. Combinations are perfectly matched with the Sliders toppings.

The Shakes are also a whole new story – with unique combinations by using real fruits and ingredients to create flavour bomb shakes like Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Casanova, Go Maui, Nutty Girl and so on.

Sliders are a great concept not only to enjoy while dining with your loved once but also ideal and easy pick for e.g. take away, home delivery, parties (family gathering), business meetings and outdoor activities, as they are small and easy to enjoy.

That’s the Sliders concept described briefly and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our combinations of great craftsmanship, creativity, dedication and easy friendly service that we have wrapped up in a simple surrounding of Malmö central food court.


Our restaurant is a small friendly place, we like to keep it that way to have a great family bond between our team and lovely guests.

To accomplish this goal we can only succeed with dedicated people. People with a personality as well as a big smile and friendly service.

If you love food and specially Sliders, hurry up send your resume to the mail link.


Special of the month - we would like you to explore a little bit more with different flavours and unique combinations you never had before. 

The Holy Cheesemas: Beef, Roasted Garlic, Brussel Sprouts, Kale salad, Västerbotten Cheese, Lingonberry Jam (marinated with spices) & Beef Meatball on top.